These are all the recruits we have offerred in the 2021 class that have not yet signed with anyone.

Point Guard

Carter Whitt

Raleigh, North Carolina


National rank: 55 (247Sports)

Offers(17): Boston College, NC State, Nebraska, Wake Forest,Virginia Tech, Clemson, East Carolina, Florida, High Point, Indiana, Iowa State, Liberty, Maryland, Middle Tennessee State, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Virginia

Shooting Guard

Max Christie


National rank: 14 (247Sports)

Offers (17): Duke, Illinois, Northwestern, Baylor, California, DePaul, Dlorida, Iowa, Loyola (Chi), Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Purdue, Stanford, VIllanova, Virginia, Wisconsin

Trevor Keels


National Rank: 31 (247Sports)

Offers(12): Duke, Michigan, Ohio State, Virginia, Villanova, Cincinnati, Florida, George Washington, NC State, Oklahoma State, Seton Hall, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, West Virginia

Power Forward

Moussa Cisse

Memphis, TN


National Rank: 9 (247Sports)

Offers (14): Florida State, Georgetown, Memphis, San Francisco, USC, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, LSU, Ole Miss, St. John’s, Texas A&M, UCLA, Virginia

Efton Reid

Richmond, Va


National Rank: 25 (247Sports)

Offers (7): Virginia, Drake, Louisville, ODU, Rutgers, VCU, Virginia Tech

Caleb Furst

Fort Wayne, IN


National Rank: 32 (247Sports)

Offers (13): Michigan State, Virginia, Indiana, Purdue, Butler, California, Iowa, Louisville, Marquette, Maryland, Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford

DeRon Holmes

Goodyear, AZ


National Rank: 119 (247sports)

Offers (12): Virginia, Arizona, Arizona State, California, Grand Canyon, Marquette, New Mexico, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, UCLA, USC, Vanderbilt

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