At VaHoos, we allow guest write some of our content. Today’s post is from Jordan Copeland. You can find Jordan on Twitter at @J_is_here13.

Today we take a look at Carson McCorkle, I am going to tell you about,off the bat he will likely become one of my favorite UVA players. He is a hidden gem and steal for Tony Bennett.

Carson McCorkle is a 6’2” Shooting Guard from Greensboro Day School located in Greensboro, North Carolina. McCorkle has held 11 offers including from Baylor, Florida, Clemson, Wichita State, and Butler. Carson is a 4-star recruit, 123rd Ranked Player in the Nation (26th Ranked in the Shooting Guard Position) per

I have to say looking at Carson, if there was ever a “Kyle Guy” award made (and there should be a “Kyle Guy” award), he would win it by a landslide. I loved what I saw in his highlight films. He has a little bit of “Pistol” Pete Maravich/Steve Nash feel to him watching him play. Carson can play the one, but is a natural two. Carson is what folks call, “A Walking Bucket”. He has an EXCELLENT 3-point shot, and the best thing about that is he can get “HOT HOT HOT” from 3-point range. I saw an in game film that Carson made eight 3-point shots in a row. If I can quote another College Basketball writer, Carson McCorkle on offense is “a thing of beauty.”

On the Defensive side, that is where Carson has the most to grow. He is more athletic than you think but not over the top. One of things that stands out is how hard he plays. He has long arms that could reach out and disrupt the opponent’s passing.

I have to admit watching Carson even though he is ranked lower than his fellow classmates (Beekman and Jabri), I believe he is one of the best kept secrets. Carson is exciting to watch and in Tony Bennett’s system he is going to be a valuable asset to the University of Virginia Men’s Basketball program.

Overall evaluating this Class of 2020 so far for University of Virginia Men’s Basketball Program: The Offensive woes that UVA had this season will be over. They will be able to not only score, but to play stingy, tough defense. Even though their highlights mostly show their offensive capabilities, all three of them shown that they can play defense and as we all know as UVA fans, defense wins Championships.

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